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How your donations are helping

Where are these donations going?

Restaurants who are cooking for the needy – either in their communities or by supplying feeding schemes – can apply for grants from the Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund. If they meet the criteria (such as they have a permit to operate as an Essential Service), they receive funding in line with the number of meals they’re producing every day. This funding helps them buy food to cook and to pay their staff.

Can I choose who to help?

Your donation goes into the fund and the monies are distributed to qualifying restaurants and individuals who make successful applications. If you’d prefer to help a particular restaurant or staff member, visit their page on Eat Out to see if they have loaded a funding or Back-a-Buddy project.

Will I get a tax invoice?

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible and you will receive a Section 18A certificate you can submit with your tax return.

Can I donate goods or my time?

If you’d like to donate food or goods, please click on the Donate Goods button. We’ll try to connect you with restaurants who are in need. Many restaurants may also value your time. If you have a permit to be there, we suggest you contact your nearby restaurants directly.

Donate goods

Food and goods are also welcome – we’ll connect you with those who need them.

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What’s happening

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Watch: Behind the scenes at Den Anker

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