Restaurant Relief Fund About Us

The Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund is supporting restaurants that have reopened their kitchens to create meals for the needy in their communities, or to supply feeding schemes, in this time when so many are impacted by Covid-19.
While these restaurants put food on the tables of the growing number of hungry families in South Africa, we want to help them cover some costs to remain operational, so they can reopen their doors as viable businesses when the time comes.

Restaurants or industry individuals who meet the criteria can apply to receive funding. If successful, grants will be given in line with the number of meals they produce each day. Eat Out will receive no commercial benefit from the donations – all money will go directly to qualifying restaurants.

Our partners
The Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund has partnered with Community Chest, a non-profit organisation (NPO) and public benefit organisation (PBO) aimed at improving the lives of all South Africans by mobilising the caring power of communities, business and the government to advance the common good. 

In collaboration with Eat Out, they will administer and manage the fundraising bank account and assist with application vetting, all to ensure good governance of the generous donations received and paid out. We are proud to be in partnership with them.

We are also aligned with the Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA), an NPO formed in 2004 to act in the interests of South African restaurateurs as the official voice and lobbying body recognised by the government to speak on behalf of restaurateurs.

Tax-deductible donations
Community Chest is a registered NPO (000 – 040) and PBO (130002437). As our PBO partner, they will issue the necessary Section 18a Certificates, so that all donations to the fund are tax deductible. 

How the fund works

  • Applications will be vetted by the Applications Panel, made up of representatives from Eat Out and Community Chest.
  • Funds will be paid to qualifying restaurants guided by the number of meals they produce each day, capped at R50 000 per restaurant.
  • Restaurants will have to account for how they spent their grant.
  • All donations into the account, and payments made from it, will be tracked and monitored on a daily basis.

Thank you for considering the Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund – together we can help feed South Africa and protect our restaurant industry.

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About the fund

The small print

  • Funding will be allocated by Eat Out in accordance with the stated objective and at its discretion, in consultation with the qualifying restaurants and our NGO partner, Community Chest. Eat Out strictly reserves the right to request any further information in order to confirm that applicants meet the qualifying criteria. See Request Funding page for qualifying criteria.
  • Funding will directly depend on the amount of donations received.
  • Although there are so many excellent initiatives out there, please note funds will go to restaurants first. As funding will be in demand, we may be unable to support: street vendors, food trucks, large franchises, catering companies, delicatessens, fast food restaurant chains, dinner clubs or private food outlets. However, if applicants in these categories feel they do qualify for funding, they should email
  • Successful applicants undertake to Eat Out to respect and observe all applicable laws in the registration of their initiatives and the execution of the services during the nationwide lockdown. However, Eat Out cannot guarantee that Grantees will uphold such undertaking and does not accept any liability in this regard. Eat Out has no control over and is not responsible for the quality, safety or legality of these initiatives or services, the accuracy of any information provided by Grantees and/or any of their vendors or the ability of Grantees and/or any vendors to perform the services. 
  • Funds received from Eat Out must be used for the mobilisation of the restaurant for food relief during lockdown and thereafter: general operations, staff salaries and feeding operations.
  • The business must comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Eat Out is owned by New Media (Pty) Ltd, a division of Media24.