Restaurant Relief Fund FAQs

Can I still apply for funding if we now do deliveries as well as run a community feeding kitchen?

Yes, so long as the required amount of meals are going out to communities in need, we welcome any other ways you find to keep your business running.

I submitted my Essential Service Permit, but it wasn't accepted. Why?

Your Essential Service Permit needs to show your restaurant name, company name or your trading name. We can’t accept your certificate if there’s no link to your business unless you are operating from a registered offsite kitchen.

I’ve just been notified that my application was successful. When will I receive the funding?

The Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund needs an invoice from you so we can pay as quickly as possible (within 2-3 days). Please check your funding notification letter, which outlines all the documents we need from you.

Do I need to include VAT in the invoice I send to the Eat Out Restaurant Relief?

As this is a donation, VAT isn’t required and shouldn’t be included.

I’ve managed to get all my food and produce sponsored. Can I use your funding to cover my operational expenses instead?

Absolutely! The objective of the Fund is to mobilise restaurants and help get them operational while feeding communities in need. We encourage you to source sponsored food items so that more of the funds donated can go towards your expenses like staff wages, rent, water, electricity, gas and so on.

I run an NPO that is feeding our communities in need. Can I apply for funding?

We commend the amazing work you’re doing to support our communities. However, as we aim to help restaurants to remain operational, we can only fund registered businesses in the restaurant and food industry. Hopefully one or more of the restaurants we support can supply you with cooked meals.